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Our aim is to be in 250 major cities across the world by 2030.  In each of these cities there will be a 5,000 seat G3 Performance Hall.  This will provide an opportunity for our musicians, actors and other artists to perform all over the world and in so doing bring their special magic to people across the globe.  By 2050 our goal is to have G3 Performance Halls down to every city in every country across the world...

Arcade FireArcade Fire are a Canadian indie rock band based in Montreal, Quebec , consisting of husband and wife Win Butler and Régine Chassagne, along with Win's younger brother William Butler, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury and Jeremy Gara.  Founded in 2001 by friends and classmates Butler and Josh Deu, the band came to prominence in 2004 with the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Funeral,  All the band's studio albums have received nominations for Best Alternative Rock Album at the Grammys. Funeral is widely considered by music critics to be one of the greatest albums of the 2000s.
Edwin Orion Brownell This Montreal / Ottawa based composer, concert-pianist, songwriter, entertainer, rocker and author has been a pro musician since 1983 with 15 self-produced albums to his credit. Trained through the Royal Conservatory, Brownell has played concerts across North America, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and has recorded and performed with Angel Forrest, Bobby Lee Silcott and Dutch Robinson as well as with the musicians of April Wine, Offenbach, Mahogany Rush, the Guess Who and the Orchestra Metropolitaine. Brownell’s chamber music is regularly featured on the radio across five continents, his rock music may be listened to here:, and his solo piano and ensemble classical compositions may be heard here: Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic he hosted tens of thousands of listeners on a daily and then a weekly basis from his Facebook Page, and these concerts may be found here. Today Brownell performs mostly at retirement homes, although just before Covid he did a series of shows at Yad Vashem in Israel, playing for the Israeli deputy Prime Minster and the world’s foremost Holocaust Scholars.
Paul Cargnello A singer-songwriter who forged his career on the belief that lyrics matter as much as music, Paul Cargnello delivers a sound that surprises and appeals with each offering. Fusing activism, eclecticism, and raw emotion, Paul has become one of Montreal's most prolific and important troubadours as well as a mover and shaker for his beloved Montreal community.  Creating Upper China Studios in late 2016 and adding the title of producer to his list of musical credits, Paul lends his experience and expertise in the studio to achieve the musical vision of other artists.  Whether behind the guitar, on the stage, or in the studio, Paul continues to enjoy critical success from his many projects to the delight of his wide and varied fan base.
Andy CoolManAndy “Coolman” Eickhoff is a Montreal-based guitar virtuoso. He was rigorously trained in classical guitar at the Quebec Conservatory of Music, where he studied with Paul André Gagnon for seven years. During this time he started the “Fresh Air Blues Band”, playing live for about ten years around the province of Quebec. He began a life-long love affair with jazz guitar when he took a few master classes with the great Joe Pass.  Whatever the future holds in store for Andy Coolman, the classical guitar will always be important, or else he'll get in trouble with his little sister. Andy aspires to be the best in the world in rock, blues, jazz and classical guitar, but he remains humble. You'll be able to see it all unfold on Youtube. Stay tuned!
Jane Critchlow Jane is a grand dame of NDG who is very active on the local and worldwide music scene as a solo artist and with groups including Sassenach and others.
Denis DucharmeBorn and raised in a creative and musical family environment in Montréal’s west end, Denis Ducharme is a singer-songwriter with an upbeat message. As lead singer and keyboardist of "Red Tape" and "The Cherry Pickers" he enjoyed several successful years of writing radio-friendly rock. After releasing 3 solid albums in the nineties, the band dissolved in 1998. Following the demise of this collaborative creative outlet, Denis promised himself that he would finally concentrate his efforts on releasing his own album. What you are about to hear is the culmination of countless gigs, dozens of demos and a lifetime of musical and creative influences. Do yourself a favor and take the time to listen to this gifted singer/songwriter at his absolute best.
Eleuthera - Music for the Soul - Singer/songwriter/multi-disciplinary artist. Professional performances for over twenty years, including Canadian, US, Icelandic and Uruguayan tour  Training with gifted performers including Rhiannon, Margie Gillis, Bobby McFerrin and Zakir Hussain at Carnegie Hall.  Composed, recorded, performed locally and internationally with Fruiting Bodies, an eclectic vocal trio accompanied by harp, carefully crafting three-part harmonies with whimsical instrumentation. (2009-2021)  Her first full-length solo album of soul/blues originals, entitled “It’s Been A Long Time Coming” is now available on all major online platforms. Check it out!
Steve Hawley (Liquid Ltd) is an original member of the internationally known music collective Bran Van 3000. He collaborated on all 4 albums of Bran Van 3000 as a founding writer and performing artist and has 2 solo albums (Better Days and Still Blue) which were released in the 2000's via Aquarius records. Liquid also released an EP "Back in Fashion" under the name Touching Mannequins in 2015.

Currently Liquid is working with EMMY nominated band GANGSTAGRASS' producer and frontman RENCH on a NEW album HARD LABOR.  The influences blend from country, bluegrass, blues to rap and tap into LIQUID's roots. His versatile style mixed with stellar hooks and melodies will leave you humming the tunes long after. The album HARD LABOR  is set for an Fall 2019 RELEASE. 

Francine Jarry - Your Musical Connection to Well-Being - I am a multi-faceted artist and instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and arranger, now blending my spiritual resources with my vast musical experience and background... many years writing, recording and performing everything from classical to French ballads, folk, latin, country, pop & blues with several international recording companies including RCA and Polygram.  A new and unique approach to well-being based on the universal law of attraction... a special blend of spiritual wisdom. Just as children can remember their ABC's to a simple melody, my songs can help in remembering positive, uplifting concepts in words and music. 
John Jordan - Producer at Clan Destiny Music Collective, Singer, Songwriter, at John Jordan Musician, Artist, Friend of Humbert and Curator at Alley Cat Gallery.
Bruce KertSinger, songwriter, professional guitarist and animal lover, Bruce is ever-present walking the streets of NDG and Westmount and feeding virtually every squirrel he comes in contact with, having given many names!
Rob Lutes Since the release of his first album Gravity in 2000, Rob Lutes has steadily built a collection of exquisite songs that inhabit the intersection of blues, folk, Americana, and the contemporary singer-songwriter genre. As skilled delivering a Piedmont blues classic as he is performing his own acclaimed original songs, Lutes's masterful fingerstyle guitar work and soulful voice bring an unmistakable intensity to his live performances. Rob Lutes will soon be counted amongst the ranks of the best in the industry. Insightful and meaty… gutty and gritty... A rare talent that keeps getting better with each project released, one listen will prove he is more than a passing fancy; this guy is here to stay. — Matt Large, Montreal Folk Festival
Mello G - Imagine a deep soulful voice with a reggae flavour and a touch of a jazzy saxophone; its reggae/soul as you never heard it before.  An artist greatly influenced by the melodic and rhythmic sounds of the great Bob Marley, Roderick "Mello G" Thomas began his singing career at the age of 15 singing at his high school concerts where he gained respect in his hometown of Clarendon, Jamaica.

Shane Murphy - The belting and the picking may sound like they come straight out of the Mississippi Delta or Chicago of yore.  Close. They come from the heart of N.D.G.  The purveyor of the music is Shane Murphy, one of the finest guitarists this side of Frank Marino to hail from Montreal.  Murphy will launch his latest album, Get Religion, during three sets Saturday at Club Soda for the jazz fest’s closing night.Actually, Murphy got religion many decades back: his denomination is the blues, and he has worshipped the likes of Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, B.B. King and Buddy Guy.“The blues was what I first connected with. I heard the Muddy Waters song Mannish Boy on CKUT,” Murphy says over some early-morning coffee. “It just went from there, and it’s still strong as ever.
Mark Pinkus - Mark was born in Vancouver, BC.  He began composing solo piano music the moment he sat down at the piano at age 7.  His first piece was called The Cat and the Rain.  Mark's music reflects his love for nature, love and relationships, moods, travel and his quest for peace and tranquility.  Mr. Clyde Gilmour, broadcaster and host of CBC's Gilmour's Albums wrote about Mark's music: 'Beautiful little stories without words.'  Marks music plays around the world on new age radio stations, online internet programs and satellite programs.  Mark also writes books and composes music for documentaries.
Sam RobertsBeing human ain’t what it used to be. We leap eras in weeks, going forwards and backwards simultaneously — the 21st century has become a horror show of technological evolution in the face of political regression. Sam Roberts Band began its seven album arc way back in 2002. Back then, despite the nightmares unfolding in Afghanistan and Iraq, possibility still seemed, well … possible. Back then, Canada’s highways stretched toward something other than a flaming protest over an oil pipeline, and it wasn’t insane to believe that the future would usher in the future, rather than some shit-blasted reboot of the 1930s.But a question: has SRB ever believed in the future? I’m not so sure they have. “I’ve been dying since the day I was born,” Roberts correctly observed on his debut solo album, We Were Born in a Flame. Indeed, the band has never submitted to rock n’ roll’s priapic Fender-first machismo, but rather delivered an elegiac swoon wrapped in late afternoon sunshine — hard-won shimmer concealing the pain of maturing, getting older, losing.
Nick Valli - Can't do nothing without Jesus.  I strive to change and be a man that God will say to me one day I know you.  That despite my faults and sinners life I still loved him and believed. I believe that I have this music inside me and a need to sing. I hope that I can use it to do good in life and hopefully inspire people and give my testimony on where i am..where I'm going and what I was. I have a lot of work ahead but I'm trusting in the Lord
Stephen CampanelliStephen Campanelli is an acclaimed award-winning film director and cameraman, who has worked on several Oscar winning films with his boyhood idol, Clint Eastwood. Stephen has contributed to and witnessed six Academy award winning performances including: The Bridges of Madison County, Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. Stephen's talents have been recognized by winning several prestigious awards throughout his career. Since 2015, he has helmed 4 feature films including, the award winning Drinkwater, Momentum, Grand Isle, and the #1 box office film, Indian Horse, which won over 18 film festivals awards worldwide. Stephen has also directed a pilot for Fox, a commercial with Morgan Freeman, and a nationwide Nissan Titan Commercial. He is now ready to breathe life into his next project.
Susan Ross DonahueBorn in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Born in Montreal, Qubec, Canada, Susan Ross Donohue works primarily in oil pastel and collage. The Paris images, inspired by her frequent trips to the city she considers her second home, remain a favourite theme. Susan's work has been exhibited in Canada, US, and Europe.
Nicky Lana HenselLana Hensel shares her passion for the traditions of the 18th & 19th centuries through painting and drawing. Commissioned work available upon request.
FionsyHi, my name is Fiona Keats. My friends call me Fionsy. I love being creative, building community and making dolls. Since 2002 I’ve been using creativity to bring people together, especially through my work running local service-based community organizations here in Montreal.In my role as executive director of the NDG Food Depot I used creativity to re-imagine the physical environment, transforming it into a vibrant space that promotes people's health, happiness, and wellbeing. My mission is to use art and creativity to create well-being, connection and fun in my community.
Lynn Kerr - Hi!  My name is Lynn Kerr.  I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  I love birds, love painting them and have been doing so since I was 9 years old.  It gives me great pleasure when others like my work and want something I have painted.  I wish I could give everybody one of my creations free!  Maybe someday!  What I have tried to do is make my products available to everyone for a very small fee.  I hope you love my work and decide to get some not only for yourself, but, as gifts for your loved ones.
G. Scott MacLeodA critically acclaimed painter and photographer, MacLeod's work has reflected social, political and historical themes with an aim to promote education and accessibility to art and culture. His paintings and photographs are in many museums, as well as corporate and private collections.[5] His drawings of prominent buildings in Montreal's Griffintown district were exhibited at the Centre d'Histoire de Montreal between September 2015 to August 2016.[6] MacLeod made his first film, After the War with Hannelore - A Berliner War Child’s Testimony from 1945 to 1989, in 2009.[7] The 22-minute documentary had several high-profile screenings, including at Les rendez-vous du cinéma québécois and Berlin’s Arnsenal 2 Institut für Film und Videokunst. He has since completed three films of The Water of Life animated film series, a four-part collaboration on Canadian history with Irish storyteller Mike Burns.[8] MacLeod is also a singer-songwriter and recording artist. Since 1990, he has released three full-length LPs, three EPs and several singles. He also composed and performed the nine-song soundtrack for his first film.
Helene Mayer - I am a watercolor and mixed media artist from Montreal, Canada who has recently embarked on a quest to master acrylic paints.  Some of my original paintings and prints are available at Water Tiger Art.  Art is essential to our well-being and I am blessed to be able to make art. Everyone should use their creative brain as often as possible and I hope I can inspire you to create as well.If art is the spirit of civilization, my aim is to participate by feeding your soul.  If you contact me, I would be happy to answer questions about my creative process or how to purchase any of my works.
Neil NapierAfter spending much of his youth and early adulthood immersed in the worlds of rugby, football and hockey, Neil has found that his background in athletics has served him well in the world of performance.  Born and raised in Montreal, Neil now resides in Los Angeles where, when not at work on a set or in a studio, he can be found riding his motorcycle, hiking into the back country, playing hockey, practicing yoga and trying to get better at guitar. He has also just finished up his first screenplay and is very excited to start pitching!
Remrov - Casey Vormer a.k.a. Remrov is an autistic and self-taught pencil artist. who specializes in photorealistic drawings of everything he finds interesting, mainly animals. Casey was diagnosed with classic autism when he was 21 years old. Due to his autism he sees the whole world in tiny little details. His drawings tend to be this way too, very precise and detailed. Casey started drawing at a very young age. As soon as he was old enough to hold a pencil, he was always drawing. He noticed that whenever he was drawing, people left him alone and didn't expect him to communicate. This made him feel safe, as he had a lot of challenges with communication and social interacting. As a youngster, Casey got through every day by literally mimicking other people in order to hide his autism related limitations and challenges. At first everything he said and did was copied, but very gradually he started to find his own words and language inside of himself, Now Casey gives presentations about autism at different venues and events, and he makes videos in which his shares his experiences. His goal is to help other people with autism and their families, and to be a voice for non-verbal autistic people. 
Bobby ShoreBobby Shore, csc is a lauded Director of Photography who has worked on award-winning feature films, commercials, and music videos. Upon graduating from the cinematography program at the American Film Institute, his talent was in demand - enabling him to shoot in the USA, Canada, and Europe.To date, Bobby has shot TV series for both Netflix and Amazon, including the critically acclaimed Anne, directed by Niki Caroand most recently for BBC UK / Hulu with Lenny Abrahamson's highly anticipated adaptation of Sally Rooney's novel Conversations with Friends. He has also shot more than 10 feature films, including Karyn Kusama's cult classic The Invitation, and independent films Pink Wall,  directed by Tom Cullen (which premiered at SXSW 2019), and Castle in the Ground (which premiered at TIFF in 2019).  Equally interested in music videos and commercials, Bobby has shot for such bands as Austra, SIA, Halsey, Majid Jordan, and Drake, and for clients such as Adidas, Johnnie Walker, Derek Lam, Target, Wiser's, McDonald's, and Mercedes.Bobby splits his time between Toronto, Los Angeles, and London, where he still rides his ten-speed to work.
Edward Yankie - Edward is an actor, writer, musician to name but a few of his talents.  He lives in NDG, Montreal.  At present he is working on his one-man show, Shakespeare's Richard II, which features 15 characters and is over 22,000 words (2 hours) in length.  You can see all about Edward's acting career on IMDb.  I've written a book--and one of these days I'll actually read one. "Hilarious, explosive, brimming with energy and sly erudition, Ducktown is a superb flight of fictional fancy.  You can buy this e-book here.  Listen to Edward on Soundcloud