Destination Locations
Our locations will be built on large lots (>600 acres) and will feature a whole host of amenities aimed at ensuring our guests have a multitude of options as to what to do every morning, afternoon and evening.  These will include:
We will have in excess of 250 G3 Destination Locations across the world (in over 100 countries) by 2030 and will have them down to every city in every country across the world by 2050 (approximately 10,000 locations!).

Our plan is to run many activities through our NuVoWay LifeStyle Centres and G3 Golf Championship Layouts.  We want to encourage the participants to bring their entire family and to provide everyone with a myriad of options in order to optimize every moment they spend with us. 

And the most important element of it all is that somehow, someway, this will all be free of charge, always and for everyone!

Forum Entertainment & Restaurant Complex

G3 5,000 seat Performance Hall