G3 stands for God's Genuine Gift, which is the second coming of Christ and the descent of heaven to earth for all of mankind for eternity.

G3 has been in operation since early 2004.  It started following a time in my life I call my '7 days on the mountain with God,' between December 25 & 31, 2003.  In this time, God gave me a vision of a man (me) who is not wealthy, famous or religious, leading mankind back to the Garden of Eden (heaven on earth). In accordance with this vision, God has led and continues to lead me to many people in order for its fulfillment.  There are two major areas of G3 Ministries:

  • Eden Project - all positive changes for human life. 
  • Noah Project - all positive changes for animal life.

G3 will be the greatest initiative in the world and ultimately every person on earth will be touched by and involved with this project.  We are in the most incredible time in man's history - a time of Christ's return and the spread of heaven into the farthest reaching corners of this earth.  God will inspire people with solutions to all the world's problems and as such we will be intimately involved with this transformation. Much of this change will be effected worldwide through G3. Won't you join us? Together we can change the world.  

All my best,

Ross Harvey

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